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My employer ended the contract


I had signed up a fixed priced contract on 8th March. My client wanted to get the project done in 3-4 days so I tried my best gave him the first build on next day. After that, he raised some issues and I fixed those. But, I realized that every day he comes with a new issue and then disappears for many hours. I tried to fix all the issues he raised but soon I become frustrated and requested him to raise all the issues together so that I can fix those in one shot. He never used to reply my queries on time and the small scrapping project got stretched for 15 days. 

One day I requested him to finish the project soon and release the fund and he promised to do that in maximum 2 days. I asked him again that try to find out as many issues as he can in 2 days and I will fix those all. But, again he went into hibernation and on the 3rd day coming with some another issue. I had to use very hard words after that. I had to tell him how incompetent he is in designing the requirement and communication. even after fixing all the issues I did not provide him the new code and filed a dispute against him.


I want to ask fellow freelancer and employer that is it the right behavior of an employer to delay the project with an excuse that "I am a busy person and can not be online all the time". He always said that he hired me not I hired him. 

Do you think using harsh language and to tell him his incapabilities was wrong?


I am very new on upwork and just started taking the tasks so I am afraid that that guy will unnecessarily spoil my rating.


Many thanks


Community Guru

The client was correct to end the contract.


The two of you were not a good match.


The client did nothing wrong.


For future reference, you need to learn how to avoid scope creep and how to manage fixed-price contracts.


This project was not a fixed-price project. It should have been an hourly contract. But you let the client set it up as a fixed-price contract.


Be careful about this kind of thing. You can study more about this in various threads in the Forum which address this toipc.

But I have already given him a working project and he can use it for his task. How can I make sure that he will not use my code. What about the hours I wasted working for him.
Is there any way I can ask him to promise in writing that he can not use the code I have submitted.


There is no way to prevent him from using your source code.


Are you now saying that he did not pay for the work? You did not mention that earlier.


Did he release payment of all funds in escrow, or not?

I ask, because the only way a client can close a contract is if he releases all funds in escrow to the freelancer, or gets the freelancer's approval to release less than the full amount.

So there are only 3 possibilities:

a) You have already been paid for your work

b) You agreed to not get paid (or not get paid the full amount)


c) You set up the contract incorrectly and/or worked without a funded milestone


Which is it?

Thanks for your detail answer.

He had funded the milestone and amount is still there un escrow. But he has raised the request to end the contract and requested me to refund the escrow amount.
I have already raised a dispute for the same.

If you already rejected the refund request and went to dispute, that's all you can do at this point.