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My experience with upwork.

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Preston wrote:

You will improve your client communications and contract management over time.



Vyacheslav V,


They gave me all the comments, and I did all the images for them, then they figured out that they have sent me the wrong model. Okay, I did all the changes again, and again, and again, and so one.


What I fear is that you may not learn how to read/assess clients very quickly if you are rarely on Upwork. But you can make a conscious decision to be extra cautious. Apparently you have not had a bad experience with a client before, and so you became too confident with this particular one even when it was your first contract with him.


You introduced animations to him which had nothing to do with the ongoing contract. I appreciate it was a way of marketing your skills, but in addition to distracting the client, it seems you whetted his appetite in the wrong way, leading him to imagine you were naive. 


That aside, the minute a client receives your work and gives you a new set of instructions, you need to focus on the initial job description and settle that matter first. Was this the JD? Does this work correspond to it? If so, please insist on being paid for that first, and then the client can raise a new milestone for the new set of instructions. 


I may not know a thing about architecture, but doing whatever work it is based on an entirely new model sounds like fresh work. In your case, you ended up doing 2 jobs for one payment, and to add salt to injury the client gave you negative feedback. Do not allow the client to change goal posts at will. For the few unscrupulous ones on the platform, it only makes you vulnerable to their gimmicks. 

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@Vyacheslav V wrote:

Hi, my name is Vyacheslav. 
I am Highly skilled 3d Generalist from Europe, the experience with upwork was nice, till I got this one client.


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I have worked for huge companies who mostly do architectural work, and I know my job really well.

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My opinion is if you are going to work with someone you need to focus and work along with the freelancer.

That is a great way to work with people, but only effective if both parties feel the same. Part of client selection is learing to recognize the difference between clients who will work with you and clients who just want to use you. One type of client will treat you as a respected partner, the other as a commodity. 




They gave me all the comments, and I did all the images for them, then they figured out that they have sent me the wrong model. Okay, I did all the changes again, and again, and again, and so one.


When they realized the error, you should have asked for payment for the time spent on the wrong model and told them that new work would cost new money. Have you ever worked with someone in real life who asked you to do the same job twice because of their error? That is unprofessional and should have alerted you to the character of your client. 


Then I asked the clients "Please can you focus on this job, I understand that you are paying me to do this job, but please can you stop wasting my time, with all this extra faulty work"


This is poor client management. A good client would not have needed to be told this, a bad one won't care. 


The client basically got mad, and they started to bang me even more.


This would have been a great time to end the contract. 


Before that, I did an animation for my self as well with the same product just to show that I can deliver animations as well and who knows maybe they are interested in animation as well for some extra work.


You showed them that you were willing to put in extra time for free. Plus, let them know that you had extra goodies just sitting around for sale. 


I send them animation with watermark, they were really liking it, but they didn't say anything that they need one.


So we moved forward to finish the job.


So I did all the images client was happy, and amazed with the quality, except for one image, which was just like other ones, but they claimed that it was flipped and color measurements didn't match, what doesn't make sense.

This could very well have been an attempt to scam you for free work. And, it worked because you ignored the previous warning signs and kept the client until it reached the point. 


At the end they just told, that to make things right, you have to give the animation as well, I was thrilled, like really?

And this is basically how they get animation for free, by threatening me that they will ruin my upwork rating for no good reason.


And they did it, my upwork profile is ruined, with 50 % job success score.


Project deliveries in attachments so peoples can understand what was the product.


And yeah I don't know what to do now. How is it that clients can use upwork system for their own benefits?


Sorry if there are some grammar mistakes my native language is not English.


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 Upwork's JSS system is cruel to part-time and inexperienced freelancers. However, even someone with limited experience has access to the forums and the wealth of information about how others guard their JSS and avoid scams. It will not be worth your time to work on Upwork to try to pick up extra income unless you read this information first. You will continue to encounter clients who will take advantage. 


There are very good clients here who behave in a professional manner from the start. There are good clients here who don't understand exactly how things work and can be guided by a good freelancer. Then, there are bad clients who will behave badly. Recognizing the difference is very important to a freelancer's success.