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My financial account has been suspended because I received a paid from a direct contract.

Hi, I need to know ASAP the reason behind my suspended financial account in upwork. I can not get any paid from my positive balance. I have money, but my account is restricted I guess.


The context is that I made a contrat for a client. And now I can not get out any paid in my account. I have the money in the balance from the direct contract and my daily work with others.


I did not imagine those troubles with direct contracts, because I have been working in upwork since years ago, with no financial troubles.


Can a support person help me? Cause I have to pay my bills. I made contact with support, but I have been waiting the last 7 days with a ticket with no solution.




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Community Manager

Hi Daniela, 

I'm sorry to learn about your issue. I checked your account, and I can see that you are already being assisted through Ticket #34093854. I recommend that you keep all communications through this ticket so that the team handling your account concern can help you more efficiently. Please don't hesitate to update the same ticket thread if you have further questions about your account concern. 

~ Avery
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Yes, I made a ticket with support. But I have been waiting over a week or more. I did not read any info about direct contract and penalties. Because I guess that my financial account was restricted because of that.

I understand you need to check everything about my direct contract, but I need to get out my money from my weekly hours because I work for living. This is the second week with not money. I need to pay my bills. For example, my internet was shot down because I did not pay on time. And I have a lot of money in my financial account from my weekly hours.


I suggest that you insert info about this in the description of direct contracts, so freelancers can take actions to avoid futher issues with money.


My client from yhe direct contract have told me that there is not problem, she released the payment, she sent the info required and she made the ID verification several days ago. So I do not understand the delay.

Thanks for your time. Have a good day.

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