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My friend was suspended

So my friend's account was suspended on upwork and he is not able to write here on the forum that's why I'm sending his message here through my account. Please help!

"Hi, my name is Vladyslav. I started my way on UpWork in the beginning of September.
I had read the rules of the platform and fully completed my profile with my information.
Because of low practical experience in the field, I started to search Entry level jobs to begin with.
All of them were not very hard for me due to my strong theoretical base, so I began to submit proposals for the jobs.
Every submission was created carefully, I read the information about projects, checked clients' social media accounts and sites to make some proposals about optimizing them in the coverletters.
But unfortunatelly most jobs were posted by clients, but for some reason not checked after, that was why clients didn't read my proposals.
A few days after, I won the first job, I finished it and earned my first 20$. I was happy, because I got my first review and was ready to work more.
This Monday I was also interviewd for another job by the client to whom I had submitted a proposal, and we were discussing a possible rate for that job.
But on Tuesday I logged in to check his answer and I saw that my account was suspended due to high number of proposals without winning jobs. 
(but It was my first month and not many clients would want to hire a newbee). I tried to appeal it but I got a negative answer.
I will attach some of the screenshots to show you the statistics of my account (which I think is pretty good for a new user).


I understand that I need to get more experience to be able to compete well with other freelancers, so the main question is - Is it a permanent ban? Would it be possible to, for example, get more knowledge and experience and recover the account in, for example 6 months or so, providing that I will have evidence to show (certificates of successful completion of specialized courses etc.)?"

Friend's account url: **Edited for Community Guidelines**


Hi Alexander,


I'm sorry to hear that your friend's account has been suspended. I checked and it looks like our team already reached out to him about his account suspension. Please have him refer to the email from our team as we cannot discuss this issue further here in the community. Thanks!

~ Joanne

Thank you for the answer! He says that the support team told him that they likely wouldn't discuss the question with him. If it's possible could you please give an answer for that last question.

Hi Alexander,


Kindly refer to this thread for more information about this. Thanks!

~ Joanne
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