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My hours aren't counted for a contract?

Hi, sorry to be a bother on this. 

I have an hourly contract with a client. I logged 0:50 hours. So almost one hour. My work diary, and my Upwork desktop app also say this. 

I finished the work for the client and got the go-ahead to end the contract. But when I do I'm told I have not logged hours and would not be paid. But my hours are showing everywhere? 

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It's possible you didn't turn on the tracker while working. If the manual timer is allowed you can log in the hours using the manual timing. If manual timing wasn't enabled, you can request manual timing from the client. It's all about communication

I did turn on the tracker. I can see all of the screenshots taken from the tracker. The time is in my work diary. It is on the tracker app. 

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Normally the client is the one to end the contract.  There's no harm leaving it open until you are paid and then closing it.

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