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My job success score is falling despite a 5 star feedback

Community Leader

I am completely confused why my job success score is falling despite getting repeated 5 star feedbacks. I hope somebody can guide me here. I will be grateful for the help.

Community Guru

Are you from Elance? You have a lot of jobs you recently closed that were really old. I had to do the same thing too and my JSS was weird for a few months. 

 No I am on upwork for the past 4 years. My upwork rating fell by 2 percent in the past two weeks. The activity in the last 28 days affects the job success score. I got some contracts closed recently so do you think that closing the contracts too quickly has affected my profile

I am kind of getting frustrated. I get my contracts closed promptly now. My stats are improving, clients leave a five star feedback so it is hard to figure out what is wrong so I felt that maybe some community member can enlighten me in this regard.

We've seen people here talk about closing really old contracts from disappearing clients and their scores dropped. 


It looks like you closed 7 really old contracts recently with no feedback.  It's probably going to make your score bounce around. You're still TR, so I would focus on the new clients and you'll survive. 

yep contracts without feedback do affect the score, but why now suddenly. One month back my rate rose up 1 percent so there is inconsistency.

You lost the bad feedback from 2 years ago in March. That's probably why it went up. 


I really wouldn't worry too much. As long as (going forward) you get good feedback, I think the fluctuation will stabilize and you'll stay at 90+.