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My job success was 100% but this month it dropped to 80%

Hello Everyone


My job success was 100% but this month it is dropped to 80%. The reason is that a new clinet hired me and he become angry because I sent him multiple emals to ask some job requirements.


Then that clinet ended the contract and given me a poor feedback saying that I sent him multiple emails.


I have refunded my earnings from that client and his poor feedback was removed from my public profile but upwork says it is counted when calculated my job success.


Is it justified? Kindly help me.


Kind Regards


Mohammad Iqbal


Its very sad 😞 anyways Your Job Success score updates about every 2 weeks. so you have to wait 2weeks now 😞

Mahmudul H - WordPress Designer and Developer

The same thing happened to me this week. 
I had a bad experience with a client and after some messages something smelled fishy to me so I decided to close the contract and said sorry to the crazy client. My Job Success droppen from 100% to 83% and when I asked why they told me it was because of contracts that were closed without any payment (there was another contract closed that I don't even remeber that I agreed)
I think that from 100 to 83 was too much because I know that it won't go up that fast.

Let's see what happens in two weeks.