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I have a question about how my level of expertise should be indicated. I believe Upwork indicated that you should have two years' experience with Upwork to be rated intermediate. So, when I set up my profile in Maybe February, I set myself at Entry Level. I began writing proposals.

The very first job I landed was requesting an expert freelancer to write verse for a children's book, but he selected me. Since that time I have taken three more jobs writing Children's books, and I don't believe any of the were asking for Entry Level.

Aside ftom those jobe I have taken I believe 9 others: blog writing, script writing, Ebook writing, ESL lesson writing, and technical editing. I have very near a 5.0 rating (at least 4.8) and great feedback.

In a way I still feel like a beginner, since I am really only 3 months into Upwork AND to professional writing, but my writing skills themselves are more intermediate to advanced, something I find myself explaining in proposals over and over. I don't go for jobs I feel I might not be able to do well; and I certainly don't wish to misrepresent myself, but I feel as if it might be reasonable for me to list myself as intermediate. It would certainly avoid my having to explain over and over and over that, though I am new to the field, I am NOT new to writing, children's rhymes, or poetry -- only to Upwork, ptofessional writing, and some specific knowledges such as SEO and Word Press.

What fo you think? Is it presumptouous for me to list myself as intermediate? My clients have been very happy with my work. Only one has really requested significant revision, and even he was happy enough that he voluntarily put my name on the front of the book with his -- after telling me I might be acknowledged at the back of the book. I did have one client who ended my contract after one completed (standalone) piece. He was very happy with my interview sample (exact same kind of writing!) but indicated disappointment after the milestone. I asked that he might identify the general problem(s), that I coud redo the work for him for free or at least just understand what I did wrong for future reference; but he didn't tell me what was wrong. Just said that I was a good writer, but perhaps this was not my niche (but it seemed to be at least from his happiness with my specifically assigned audition, after which he had hired me.). Anyway, he ended with very little discussion, giving me five stars, I believe, and nice feedback, so I just didn't understand the whole thing!

Probably the average level requested on jobs I have taken was intermediate.

Any guidance here would be appreciated.

Thak you! I had assumed the clients could see it. And, yes, I have looked at my profile "as the customer sees it,". But hadn't even thought to notice whether my level of expertise was shown there. I just assumed it would be!

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