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My money disappeared

Hello, just requested payment for milestone worked, and all my money under pending and available disappeared.

Can someone help me please.

Thank you. 


Hi Achare,


Thank you for your message. I see that there was a fund withdrawal initiated today from the available balance. You can check your pending and in review funds from the Report page.


Thank you,




It's ok now.

Thank you 

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I am having the same issue. I was trying to get paid but my funds disappeared. This is the first time that this has happen. Can somebody help me? Thanks!

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Hi Sheena same issue here my salary for the previous week was lost and then I know today I should be paid it has passed 5am UTC the released time of upwork 


Hi joyce,

Upon checking, mine is now available. Maybe it is just some glitch. Hope this never happens again. 

Hi Joyce and Sheena,


Thank you for your message. Yes, the payments are processed in batches and there may be a slight delay for the funds to move to the Available tab. I see that the payment was already available on your account and you have initiated the fund withdrawal now.   


Thank you,



Hi! I'm having the same issue now! My previous balance from last last week has disappeared. What's only showing now is the one I worked for last week. I thought of just having a one go withdrawal for this cut off so I didn't withdraw last time. Now it's gone.  Please help! I need to withdraw the money now. The 85.05 USD now is gone. Only the current payment for this week appears. Thanks!

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Hi Lean,


I can see that you have submitted a support ticket already regarding your account balance. Please allow time for our team to review the transaction and update you directly on your open ticket.  

~ Joanne
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Having the same trouble right now!! 
Trying to contact the agent chat, but seeing  that more people is having the same issue, seems like is a system  trouble!!

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I am also having the same issue. I was trying to get paid but my funds disappeared. Can somebody help me? Thanks!

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Thanks for helping me. I found out that it is underprocess.

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