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My monthly connects



I'm yet to get my monthly connects


Hope this hasn't changed too?

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Good question. 

Try posting it in the Support forum or click "get support" on the lower right corner of this screen (right here on this page). 

Regular forum users such as Clients or Freelancers can't help you resolve a technical issue with your account. 


We have the same Google and Upwork Help Article search options, as you do. Here's an article on "understanding connects":



Keep in mind users can get support from every forum. Double posting is a waste of time for those answering.


Regular users can't solve technical issues, but know that not all issues are technical issues and that a little digging before involving Customer Support goes a long way.

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Before contacting Support, you can check your Connects History here to make sure you did not receive them already : Connects History - Upwork


And look at your Billing cycle at the bottom of this page: Membership & Connects - Upwork

Allow 24-48 hours from the beginning of your cycle.

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