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My pending money refunded automatically without my intention.

Hi, How are you!

I'd like to ask a problem I've faced, very wired.

I worked for a client his name is  **Edited for Community Guidelines** , worked for him over 50 hours.

  **Edited for Community Guidelines**  hired me on 30th Apr, 8th May, his account has been suspended, he didn't explain about why his account has been suspended. After 3 days, we end the contract successfully.

On 16th May, the first week of money was pending, but I suddenly received a notification from upwork.

It says that I sent $978 refund to him, but I didn't do it myself, I've never done it.

It is very unfair for me.

I hope you help me to resolve this problem.



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It means your client never paid Upwork for your hours and your work diary, upon inspection, did not qualify for protection.

You may have used manual time, or had low activity or did not annodate your screenshots with meaningful work memos.




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Hi Domen,

I can confirm what Petra stated.

This happens when a client's payment method becomes unverified and some or all of the hours you logged did not qualify for Upwork's Payment Protection as per the requirements outlined here.  You will also be receiving a notification with more detailed information about this today via email.

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