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My post moved under wrong category

I have posted this topic few hours ago in Freelancers section and it has been moved somewhere under the discussion - New to Upwork where nobody of course almost nobody can read it. Why? I am not new to Upwork but I am succesfull freelancer of Elance/Odesk/Upwork since May 2014. My post is talking about changes that I observe since 2016 regarding the new policies and client response. It looks like moderators moves/black out less pleasant topics in order to avoid any criticism. 



Just because you post in a certain section, it doesn't mean your post or thread will stay in that section.


Posts and threads are OFTEN moved around in order to maximize the utility of the Forum and provide a better experience for everybody.


Somebody clearly thought that your post would be better off in a different section, and a Forum moderator moved it. That doesn't mean that such decisions are always "right." People (who sometimes make mistakes or sometimes make decisions we disagree with) are the ones who move threads and posts. It's not an automated or computer-generated action. There's no mystery about what happened. I wouldn't worry about it.


You should be flattered that your post was important and compelling enough to be placed where those most in need of instruction and help will see it.

Thank you Preston,


I do understand this logic. In this case it has nothing to do with a topic no job yet. Either the community moderator has only read the subject headline and though it should be moved there or it was done in order to mute any further discussion and avoid criticism. Maybe I should copy/paste the same topic again and only change the headline. So that there are no doubts, that it has nothing to do with the topic New to Upwork/No job yet. 


What do you think? Would that be ok to fix it? 

Hi Stefan,


Your post has been moved back to the Freelancer section. Apologies for confusion. 


Note, however, that often messages that are posted on existing threads about the same topic get more attention since users who are subscribed to the thread are notified about the new post. 


Thank you.

~ Valeria
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