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My profile JSS drop, 90% to 89% for two dadays but I don't know why.


 I don't know What happen to my profile ? I had 90% sucess rate, my success rate goes to 89% suddenly? what can i do ? I collected 5 stars rating one month ago  but why drop my profile JSS. So Please, could anyone help with explaining what I'm doing wrong? 


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The short answer is that no one really knows for sure.

My guess would be that you received negative private feedback. Most likely from the client who only rated you a four. But it could have been from anyone, really.

If you have any inactive or cancelled contacts with no money made on them, that can also cause a drop, as well as if you've issued a full refund.

There are many factors that go into this score and while we can all guess, even if we're 95% sure we're right--really, there's no way to know unless you know you had a bad contract with negative feedback.
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Are your jobs from August, October and November active?


You haven't had any jobs close in the most recent update period, and you don't have anything old enough to have dropped out of the calculation window, so the most likely explanation would be if one or more of those jobs is sitting idle.

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