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My profile is complete and I am submitting proposals daily with no response from clients.

Hello Community,


I am new to Upwork but have completed my profile, taken tests relavent to my speciality and am submitting proposals daily. I have not received a single reply. Even for a job that is identical to what I do full-time. Can you please review my profile and let me know if something is missing, unprofessional, etc.?




Thank you!

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Since you don't have any work history on your profile yet, try adding some names of places you've worked, if you can.  If you have a blog or anything else relevant to your field, definitely link that.  The first few are always the hardest - they'll roll in faster once you get going.


Best of luck.

Hi Joseph,

Do you mean work history with Upwork? I have included my other employment history on my profile. Let me know if it is not showing for you.





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It is possible to pass months since you get your first job. Then the frequency will start to increase.

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