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My proposale being labeled "not qualifed" for jobs that I am qualified for.



I am experiencing a problem that I can't seem to get addressed.


I recently started working through Upwork about a month ago to expand my outreach for new clients. So far things have been going well. I have won a couple of jobs and they are running smoothly.


My area of focus is on Google Adwords (Google Ads) and SEO. I have professional certifications from Google that Upwork verified. I am currently working on SEO/Google Ads jobs through Upwork. So I meet the threshold of being qualified in this space.


Here is the problem: Usually I will will get one response for every four proposals I send out. However this week I sent out over 30 and got nothing back. I did a few tests - I have a hiring account for some work that I hire out and I posted a job that meets my exact qualifications.

I applied to the job that I created to see what happens to my proposals. I end up not showing up at all within the propsals section of the job. It's only when I click "load more" that my profile pops up with a headers above it saying "Freelancers who might not be a good fit"

Several of my friends who also have hiring accounts allowed me to test this with them, same thing.

Has anyone else experienced this? I am very qualified for these jobs that I am proposing to. In many cases, freelancers who have no professional certifications, no earning, no reviews, appear within the proposals section - however I don't.

Am I being blacklisted by Upwork? I have no negative client feedback. I have been doing nothing out of the ordinary. Just logging in and doing my work. I would love it if someone could help me figure this out.

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I checked your account and there are no limits or holds on your account. All your proposals can be viewed by clients. You can improve your profile and add more information about your previous relevant work experience as well as take some tests. Complete profile definitely helps freelancers stand out and get invited to interviews.


Additionally, please note that having more than one account per user and applying to one's own jobs would be considered a violation.

~ Valeria
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I hope you will be paying each of the freelancers who applied to your test jobs for the waste of their time and connects. Fake jobs to find out how you compare to the competition--that is really unfair to the other people who are using the platform legitimately. Maybe you are getting the same treatment. Perhaps all your proposals are just going to fake jobs posted by your competitors.  

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