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My resume has my company name on it, is that hurting me?



I have been freelancing for over 20 years. I am a one man shop. The resume I send to people has my company name on it, not my personal name... does that hurt my chances of getting work?


I appreiate your help!

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Why are you sending people a resume?

I have completed over 160 jobs on Upwork.


I never sent anybody a resume.

There's no need to attach your resume at all. When you're sending proposals, you should discuss the client's project and specifically how you're qualified to help them; most won't take the time to read several pages containing your whole life's story. Your experience and education details should be in your profile anyway, should a prospective client wish to check.


If you do think it'll help to send your resume, you need to make sure that it doesn't contain any contact information, since that would be against Upwork's terms of service. And yes, it would look more credible if it has your name on it; otherwise a client might think that it's not really your resume.

Thanks so much Christine, very helpful!!

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