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My salesforce admin certification has been pending for 2 months now. I have removed and re-added it.

Hi, My salesforce admin certication was pending verfication for 2 months. I have removed and added the certification again to see if it makes any difference. I never got a response on my support ticket. Did someone else had this problem? There was not much to add for verificaiton except an email I used for certification. Is there any other way to add a certification? 

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It is possible that the Salesforce Admin Certification you submitted was not accepted due to not providing enough information or verifying the email address associated with it. If you are still having trouble verifying your certification, it is recommended to reach out to Upwork support directly by creating a ticket and providing additional verification documents such as an identification photo or other credentials that may help expedite the verification process. Additionally, you can try contacting Salesforce for assistance with the certification process. Have an awesome day!

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If your Salesforce certification is still pending verification after two months, it's a good idea to follow up with Salesforce support again. You can submit another support ticket or contact them through their website. It's also possible to add a certification manually if you have a printed copy of your certificate. To do this, go to the "Certifications" section of your **Edited for Community Guidelines** and click on "Add Certifications." From there, you can upload a copy of your certificate or a screenshot of your Trailhead badge. However, keep in mind that manual verification may take longer than automatic verification, so it's best to try to resolve any issues with automatic verification first.

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