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My star rating for Upwork websit is "1 star".

An existing client sends me an Upwork Message and the embedded link says:



I have the same truble, what is it?


Hi Ray,

Just found yout topic, because I encounter the same Error messages issue.


Well, I wouldn't be so harsh on all Upwork platform rating it at 1 point, but inability to see the messages display correctly frustrates a lot. Moreover it dosn't work both ways for me, neither for the messages received from my employers, nor for those sent to me by my teams that I manage as a company's admin.


I opened a ticket with Upwork Help desk, they suggested me to clean cache, history, cookies and whatnot, and ... to no avail. I also asked my employer if they changed anything in my access settings - no, they didn't touch them.


Is there a solution?

Have you fixed this problem?

Please, drop me a line,

Kind wishes,


I use the destop application for messages and have never seen this problem. Have you tried it out yet?


I am very doubtfull that it will bring back my messaging history or re-install the tab "Messages" into my corporate Upwork view... Replies are smoothly coming to my Google inbox, but with 30+ people in the team to manage and communicate, it's not a whim to have the track of previous correspondense available any time.


Hopefully Help Centre will take respective measures to rectify that.

With regards,




Same problem, seems to affect "older" conversations. Very annoying!


Interesting. I had the same issue yesterday. Thank God I have turned on all email notifications, or I would have missed that one. Neither the desktop app, nor the browser left me any notification whatsoever. When I opened the link from the email, the same error popped up and I couldn't answer in that chat room. It was a previous client I had and thankfully I had her in my messages, so I contacted her there. It seems the chat room had some issues and wouldn't load.