My stats "Clients who would recommend you" and JS

I have been reading as much as I could find about JS since it was implemented.

I have been Top Rated, then my JS dropped, Top Rated again and now my JS is only 79% (from 93%) and of course I don't know the reason.
As a lot of people here on the forums I have tried to figure it out with no success.

One of the things I can not understand is if it is related to client's private feedback why My Stats keeps saying that "Clients who would reccomend you" is 93%. Is it not related?

I would appreciate any clarification.


Upwork doesn't fully say what makes your JS go up or down, according to the link below: "We won't reveal the exact calculation for Job Success". It's just based on what they believe makes you a good freelancer. I had 95% at one point, then it suddenly dropped to 84% (11%!), I asked Upwork about that and they answered that it was because I was closing most of the contracts and the clients weren't leaving any feedback. I've learnt not to do that anymore and I'm Top Rated again.



Hi Julia,


since you've not been on Upwork that long, it looks like most of the clients who did leave feedback gave you a good recommendation score.


So the "problem" has to lie elsewhere. Did you have any projects with full refunds or contracts that ended without any work/no money exchanged? And/or did you close contracts by yourself?

Clients are asked at the end of a contract how likely it is, on an eleven-point scale of 0 to 10, they would recommend that freelancer to someone else.


ONLY A SCORE OF 9 OR 10 is taken by Upwork to mean that the client would recommend the freelancer. Clients do not know this, and so a client may give a score of 8/10 thinking that's quite good, but not realising that they're actually marking the freelancer down. This fact us not made widely available to clients.

ONLY A SCORE OF 9 OR 10 is taken by Upwork to mean that the client would recommend the freelancer.



Can you tell me how you believe this "clients who would recommend" percentage is calculated? 

Thank you all for responding.

Samuel, I just closed a contract and that was before that day UpWork closed for the first time inactive contracts.

Thanks Sandra. I have not closed contracts and I don't have any project with full refunds recently.
I think maybe the problem are inactive open contracts. Two of them are finished and the client forgot ... One never began because it seems that the project was canceled but it's from more than six months ago.
The remaining contracts stay open because in some of them I am actively working and the rest are from clients that retake them when they have more work for me, or are awaiting feedback from clients. Could that be the reason?
Anyway and as has already been said here repeatedly, I do not think my JS reflects in an accurate way my performance here.

And yes Stephen, that issue should be explained in detail to customers. For me an 8 is strongly recommended. How can it be considered in the same way than a 2?


Well, still clueless. Yesterday I sent messages to all the clients with open and inactive contracts asking politely if there was more work and if they could close the contracts and leave feedback. But I hate to nag the clients with this. Sure this could be improved!

Please also note this. In my stats under the category "Clients that would recommend you" i just states "-".


And now here is the thing: I know from at least 2, that they marked me 10. I know because I know them personally, they are pros on Upwork and they wouldn't lie to me. 


So now what? What to think of that?

you may not have enough closed contracts from different clients for it to be computed yet

Does anyone know how many closed contracts are required to have "something" instead of a "-' on "Clients who would recommend you" field? Thanks!!

Juan C wrote:

Does anyone know how many closed contracts are required to have "something" instead of a "-' on "Clients who would recommend you" field? Thanks!!

About 10

Hello, Upwork community!

I'm quite new to the platform, I have successfully completed 6 projects over a period of 2 months and my stats already say clients who would recommend you as "80%" so I don't think you need like 10 jobs for it to not appear as "-"


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I have finished 6 jobs for 4 clients. I got 100% recommendation score

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