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The FIRST thing you need to do is immediately take SCREENSHOTS of any communications where the client threatened you with a bad review or requested free/unpaid work. Both areTerms of Service violations on the Client's side, which could get them suspended or kicked off the platform.  Gather up any screenshots/proof you have of the client doing this and contact Upwork support immediately.  Also, if this is truly active contract on Upwork, I suggest you stop communicating with them on Whatsapp and only communicate with them on Upwork messages.  They are likely using Whatsapp to hide what they are saying from Upwork

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Budget is small and you don't care for the money...that's good. 


You are at 100% JSS and you are a top rated freelancer. 


Given all the above, if I were you, the moment I receive any threat direct or indirect I would cancel the project...let me post whatever review he wants to post and end the contract. And I will post my honest experience in their review. 


If the budget is low it cannot do much harm to your JSS, even if it did you can use your top rated perk to get his feedback removed from your JSS calculation and your list of projects. 


I've never had payment problem with clients as I just do hourly projects nd book all my hours using the tracker. But there were a few instances where client have me low ratings I simply use my TR perk and carries on...don't worry too much about the JSS. 


I have declined so many offers from client that wanted to bargain with me on my rate or wanted to put a cap on hours, don't work with such clients they are never with working for...

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Hey Haris, if the client has not paid you, then the client can't leave a Review. Please make sure next time to keep your correspondence inside of Upwork in case their is a dispute the information is visible. Have a great day!

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Screenshots and report it.  This may help you in having Upwork remove bad feedback if the client leaves it.  Doing nothing only allows it to continue.

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To everyone who replied , thank you, however I will be nullifying the thread's main post and moving on to the next client.

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Community Manager

Hi Haris, 

I know you've edited your post but if you need help reporting this client so that their actions can be reviewed, I would be happy to assist you with that. Feel free to send me a private message with more information. 

~ Avery
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