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NDA work at Upwork



Recently I got my proposal recieved. The client asked to sign NDA. I signed. The client sent me the instructions on how to work with their portal. I had some questions regarding the portal where I must complete my project. I also told them to assign me the job at Upwork. Suddenly, the client  refused to cooperate further. Then again, the client continued to contact me as if they are giving me the second chance. And at the same time the client asked to start working on that portal. 

I said to the client that without offering the job at Upwork, I cannot start the project. 


Do you think it is a kind of violation of rule from the client's side  respecteive to Upwork rules? 


Because, I was not to sign NDA and register at their portal before I was offered the job at Upwork. 


Please , can you give your feedback. 



Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Anash,

Please send me the contract ID or job posting link and more details about the portal you have mentioned, our team will investigate this further.

~ Goran

Hi, Goran!


Thank you for your message and help!


I sent the details to the email. 

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Yes, the client was trying to break the rules. You were wise to refuse. 


No contract on Upwork= Don't start working. 

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