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I got an interview in oDesk from a company whose job posting said something like USA/Canada and Australia personal assistant or something like that. They sent me an invitation for an interview and just asked me a couple of questions. The job is for the position of payroll/data entry clerk and basically, I had to print checks from my home. I had to get UPS and FedEx envelopes and of course, the right printer and cartridge. I received a letter of employment from **. Their emails were from gmail and yahoo and nothing from the so called ** company. When I asked them for a number or contact information from the company, no answer. I gave them my full name, address and telephone number and now I am worried this is about Identity Theft. Just be carefully out there.The last time I checked in oDesk, they were interviewing 40 more freelancers. *"Removed by admin"

Did you flag the job or report them to support?

Is a job in the logo design category with extremely big budget. Client sent me a message requesting skype contact. To cut a long story short, she (it's actually a he) wanted to hire me outside odesk, and asked for my credit card number, expiration date and security code - to make a deposit. I actually laughed out loud. Flagged the job five times already - job is still there and the scammer is conducting "interviews" I don't know how to warn people so I figured I might as well post that here....

And what does Odesk do. Absolutely nothing. There are so many scammers on Odesk and it is not possible at all to warn about them. Wouldnt it be an idea Odesk, if you tried, just at least tried to do something about the scamming. Sanja you are doing the right thing of warning against these scammers. Odesk shame on you for still keeping the scammers application on Odesk, shame on you.
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Community Manager

Hi all, Thanks for reporting! We appreciate the concern and continue to do everything we can to address questionable behavior. Sometimes this requires a review, but we will work as quickly as possible.
~ Valeria
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