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Leewelyn D Member Since: Sep 24, 2015
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Hi, can you give me some tips on how can I be able to meet the standards of the employers? I am new to this kind of business and I want to give my effort and work for someone who will trust me of my own skills.


Thank you and regards.

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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A data entry specialist. Well, you got the part about copy/pasting down pretty well in your overview. Not an ounce of uniqueness there.

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Mariska P Member Since: Apr 27, 2015
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If you're looking for an employer this isn't the place for it in my opinion. 

I don't have a boss or bosses here. I'm my own boss. (and to tell you the truth, I'm pretty difficult to work for) 

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Nikhil D Member Since: May 28, 2015
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Hi Leewelyn,


First off, welcome to the community. I assume you must have already watched Upwork's tutorials for freelancers (anyone can watch it, not just beginners). Also, please acquaint yourself with the do's and don'ts in the T&C's of Upwork space. Sometimes, out of ignorance, we commit a mistake that could've been easily avoided.


Listen to Jennifer's advice and position yourself as uniquely as possible. Remember, you are competing against the world not just a handful candidates.


Patience and preseverance, is something that you'll need in huge doses.


Treat everything as a learning experience, be it a bad client/ job or any experience.


Know your area of expertise and use the connects wisely.


Self-discipline, integrity goes a long way to ensure the client's trust and building long term business relations.


If I may missed a point, someone else will definitely fill it in. The forum is full of wonderful people all ears and keep smiling.


Cheers and best of luck Smiley Happy

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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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However, it is not a good idea to copy/paste template overviews, which can be seen on other people's profiles across the internet. You need to write your own overview that relates to the experience you have had.


Copying looks particularly bad, when it's in conjunction with one of your jobs - which was to "detect and avoid fraudulent actions".


I think you should delete the overview and start again - in your own words.





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Leewelyn D Member Since: Sep 24, 2015
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How should I start my cover letter for the employers? I am just really into MS offices skills and in relation to my current work I know I can do and give my best to finish the task given.
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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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You need to address the problems with your profile first. You should also read all the help pages and Upwork's Terms of Service. Here is a page on how to write a cover letter.

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Leewelyn D Member Since: Sep 24, 2015
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Hi Nichola,

Thanks for the URL I know it will help me a lot, I will read and understand everything in it.

To all, thanks for the support. 😊
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Leewelyn D Member Since: Sep 24, 2015
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Hi Nikhil,

I haven't watch it yet but surely I will, this will be a great pointers for me. Starting up with this I really need to have patience and perseverance until I meet the employers criteria.

Thank you. 😊
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Kostiantyn V Member Since: Sep 20, 2015
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Hi evryone! I am  freelancer from Ukraine, i am a newbie on the upwork, but have some experience  in graphic design.  I am try  ansver on some of projects but  no resoult. Is any guru of european freelance ho can help me anderstand my mistakes!? Problem in my profile, portfolio or foto or may be some thing another. Thanks so much for the help.