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I have done 4 odesk jobs and got 5 stars in all but the rating on my profile is still 4.78 it has not change after all the feedback, now odesk is placing my acount under review.


This is unfair, please make the correction.


Williams, if you have waited 48hrs or more after getting the last feedback then you can open a support ticket and ask them to fix the rating.

The public vs private rating of oDesk is a dilemma now. A client may leave a 5 star feedback and may leave 1/ 2 in private rating. Which means you will be in trouble even with the 5 stars ratings!

And the oDesk account review is a routine thing. Your account might be reviewed many times over the years. It all depends on the team. But during the review if your job application quota is limited to 0 then you should contact the support team.


Williams, based on some of the feedback you received, but more importantly, that you left to some of your clients, I think you can consider yourself lucky that your account is only under review, and not permanently suspended. There are without a doubt some bad clients on this site, and the profile can never tell the full story, but to run into them over and over again in a fairly short amount of time, while not entirely impossible, does raise some questions. If the accusation you left to your client is true, you should've reported them. What you accused them of is highly illegal and would've gotten their account suspended instantly and therefore removed the need for you to leave a comment like that. I am certainly not the biggest fan of oDesk and think that many of the processes are broken, but I do appreciate their ongoing effort of reviewing accounts with a series of poor ratings.


The hidden feedback section asks the client whether they would work with / recommend the freelancer. It is possible to be content with the work and leave a 5 star but not wanting to work with the freelancer again.


The overall feedback is dollar weighted, which means that a 5 star rating on a $20 job can't make up for a 3 star rating on say a $1000 job.


@Kristina you said i should consider myself lucky for having a 4.80 feedback after 39 jobs and over 230 hours, is that a poor feedback to warrant suspension?

Out of all my 39 jobs i had dispute with just one client who reported me because she refused to pay for what we agreed on. She did not complain about the quality of my job, we had disagreement based on agreed payment.

Is 4.80 rating after 39 jobs and 230+ hours poor rating that deserves suspension? Let us call a spade a spade.

Williams, that's not what I said.


I simply noted that based on some of the feedback you left for your clients (and that was left to you), your profile could raise concerns. The forum seems to be full of people that had their accounts suspended over less (although we won't ever know the full story). Leaving feedback in all caps accusing clients as scammers and worse, does not stand for the most professional conduct ever. Sorry. You might want to decide to report clients like that in the future instead of leaving feedback like you did, since the feedback will forever stay on your profile and it says as much about the person who left the feedback as it says about the person it's intended for.


Clients can rate you poorly after ending the contract without filing a dispute. If enough clients rate you poorly in the hidden feedback section, an algorithm will pick you up eventually and place you under review.