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NO... Not yet another topic on JSS!!!

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Sorry Guys,


Couldn't resist posting this looking at some of the acknowledged feedback regarding JSS.


As most of us are now aware that among other things, the private feedback definitely impacts JSS. However, we don't know what are the specific implications of a particular rating.


As someone rightly pointed out in another thread - A client may think he's giving a good rating to the freelancer by rating him, say a "8". However, we don't know how Upwork algorithm interprets that rating. The client, intentionally may not want to lower the JSS score of a Freelancer, but inadvertantly does so by seemingly giving him a "good" rating (I'm guessing 8 is not considered positive experience!). Better still, have "yes" or "no" recommendations against the parameters to be rated on (instead of numbering system, which is subjective). That way, the client will definitely know if he is going to spoil the JSS score.


One of the other common reason I hear for the need of a separate "private" feedback is that the clients do not want to alienate the freelancer publicly and want to stay clear of a post contract drama. However, even with the current scenario, aren't contractors able to guess who could have given them a negative public feedback considering which contract finished recently? Yes, I agree that no one can be sure, particularly with a particular 6/12/24 month window dropping of the radar and cannot hold anyone responsible. But I think it will be there at the back of their mind and can potentially spoil a good relation if indeed the client hadn't given a bad feedback and the score had actually dropped off due to some other unknown reason.


Just a few of my thoughts.

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