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NO "Job Success" and NO "Connects" for next one month

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Rahul G Member Since: Feb 6, 2015
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Upwork is changing a lot (I believe its changing for good). There were found some issues on upwork in last few days (or months). These issues were causing a lot trouble.


After solving these issues, I will like to have one month of NO "Job Success" and NO "Connects". I don't know my this idea is going to be entertained by upwork team or not, but I really want to have something to minimize the effects of all these issues.

( I am suggesting only NO "Job Success" and NO "Connects", because I know that bonus can not be given just for few MAJOR issues Smiley Happy )


I posted it just because I am just waiting to see my submitted proposals. Smiley Very Happy I can think as a freelancer, but I have no idea how clients are facing this situation ( I doubt few clients have cancelled their projects ). 


Finally, the issue has been solved and now guess what, I don't care if someone really reads it or not. Smiley Very Happy I didn't find any option to delete it, so its still here.