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NOT A SINGLE PROPOSAL IS BEING ACCEPTED! I think my profile has some issue.

Dear Moderators,

I am a professional graphics designer and joined Upwork a few weeks back.


My profile is 100%.

Readiness Test Complete.

Specialized Profiles complete

Professional project catalogue

Very Elaborate portfolio


I only did 3 jobs from my previous clients by invites only.


I have sent 30+ proposals.

I have bought premium membership.

I bid competitively (mostly on the affordable side).


Still my proposals are not getting even a single response.


At first, I was doubting on myself and my skills but then I created my Fiverr account and I received 3 orders in 1 day and I have completed one order as well.


This is why I believe there might be a technical error with my profile and it might be a possibility that my proposals are not reaching clients.


Kindly check.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ameer,


I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been getting responses to your proposals. I can assure you that all proposals are delivered to and can be viewed by clients.  I would recommend that you check out these topics to help you create proposals that win jobs, and help you boost your career on Upwork: 

Good luck! 

~ Bojan
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