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NZ Bank Account Format



I'm trying to add my New Zealand bank account to my payment methods and Upwork is asking for my eight-digit account number with four-digit suffix. 


As far as I'm aware all NZ account numbers, including mine, follow this format: xx-xxxx-xxxxxxx-xx


There's no eight-digit part, and no four-digit suffix. So can you advise me on what I'm supposed to be entering? 





Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Louise, 

I checked your account and can see that you were able to add your bank account details to your payment method. For security reasons, it will take 3 days to activate a newly added payment method, and in your case, it will be available on th e 25th of February. 

~ Avery
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Hi Avery! 

I'm having the same problem, but my account starts with a zero, would this be effected if I have to add the extra zeros at the start? 🙂 

Thank you,


Hi Te Puawai,


Please note that one of the important things to know when adding a payment method is to be sure that you enter your bank information, including bank codes, correctly. We want you to get your money on schedule and any errors could result in a failed transfer or delay. You should contact your bank if you're not sure you have the correct information, or if you received an error when you tried to enter it into our system.


Please check this help article for more details.


~ Arjay
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Thanks Avery, yes I was able to figure it out in the end! 🙂


Hey Louise! 


Can I ask you what the fix was? What's the 8 digits?! 



Hi Tamara, 


Sure! So the format of my account number is xx-xxxx-xxxxxxx-xx. For the eight digit number Upwork requires, I took this part, which was only seven digits: 




And I added a zero to the beginning to make eight digits. If that part of your account number was only six digits, you'd add two zeros to the front and so on. 


For the four digit number, I took this part:




And I added two zeros to the beginning to make four digits. 



Then I entered the new eight digit number followed by the new four digit number with no spaces. Hopefully that all makes sense but let me know if you have any questions!




PS: It asks for your BSB in the next field - that's just this part all together with no spaces: XX-XXXX-xxxxxxx-xx.

I had trouble with this too, will try your way!

Thanks so much for helping make this process easy, I was confused too.

Thank you so much Louise! I was struggling with this too - several years after you did!

This was so helpful!! Thank you 🙂

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Thank you for explaining this, just googled it to try and sort it out (so confusing) and landed on this thread! Thank you thank you! 🙂

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yes i aggre your post

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