Names in black.

Quite often I see applicants names in black rather than blue, Can someone tell me what, specifically, it means please?

If an applicant's name is written in black, it would mean that they made their profile private. Those written in blue are public and if you notice, you can click on the name and it takes you to their page.

OK, thanks, but I've noticed the black names are much more prevalent in low-paid jobs. Logic dictates that black names would be more noticeable in the well-paid jobs, since I'd assume that there'd be much more benefit to being private if you're successful. Can you explain to me why someone who'd apply for low-paid jobs (i.e. really needs the work) would make themselves private?

Possibly so that random browsers can't tell that the profile/portfolio pieces are nicked.

It's not really something that I can explain.

Maybe they just don't like stalkers?

I reckon that's cleared up as much as can be then, thank you. Unless a private profiler is reading this and would like to give me a more comprehensive explanation?

Hi Ramon, I am a black name, its just a preference but I don't do low paid jobs.

Yes, I can see why people who've built a strong reputation/clientele may not wish to be bothered by unsolicited communication, but what interests me is why black names become more prevalent in the 'bids of under $1' category as well.

Oh I wouldn't know the answer to that one

So Angela, have you always pretty much kept your profile private?

Not at the beginning but then you start to get communications for low paid jobs which I am not interested in.

OK Angela, I see.

Ramon, you seem to look at a lot of low paying jobs, so you see a lot of applicants with private profiles applying to low paying jobs. Do you have any evidence that, when you look at a job that pays more, there is a smaller percentage of applicants with private profiles?