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Near to Say Good Bye to upwork : Connects feature failed us

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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If you can't win enough work with the connects you have you need to apply smarter, not more. 



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Cairenn R Member Since: Aug 19, 2015
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@Samiullah K wrote:

i am again telling to upwork and warn it that your connect feature is 100&% Wrong. You Should open job opportunities for all , you should provide freedom of apply at job to all ,
after connects i failed
i can not earn now on upwork
its all due to connects feature

Its not only me , its the voice of my many friends and colleagues .
Very Sad to say last time i requested but you didn't noticed it .

If you continue ignore that , Upwork will be down in the market asap.

Job opportunities are open to all.
We have freedom of choice over which jobs we wish to pursue. 

Connects are not making you fail. You are making you fail.

You can earn as much or as little as you wish on UW. The only person responsible for holding you back is yourself. 

I suggest you and your friends stop congregating and coming up with reasons why everything and everyone else are to blame for your failures on UW. 

People are paying attention to these posts, and responding, and quite frankly, we're getting a good laugh now and then, but mostly, we're sick of the same thing being posted day after day. 


If this place isn't working for you, find another place that suits you. Good luck. 


The market is quite open. 


I want the font size changed on the forums. And a new font. The small type is causing to me to lose kudos because I can't see the screen well enough to type gooder. I demand this be done immediately or else.