Need Help !!!

Hi, I am a new one here in odesk. Recently i have finished a job here in odesk. After that the client gave me the money and they appeared in my pending earnings.Client gave me 5 star and good feedback. But after two days when i went to see my earning the pending earnings is gone and there is no earnings. And also my feedback is gone from my profile which was there .But in the ended corner the feedback is still there. But amount paid is 0. What is happening here? I can't understand. Please help me out.
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Zakaria, I am able to see your 5-star feedback on your public profile now. As for your pending earnings disappearing, it sounds like a temporary issue that our Engineering Team is aware of and has been working on. Rest assured you will still receive your funds and you even should be able to view them now in your Transaction history. I recommend you still report the issue to Customer Support. I apologize for the inconvenience.
~ Valeria