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Need Notification sound on every new job on any freelancer's job feed

Dear Upwork,


I am a freelacer working in upwork. 

I feel one thing and I am trying to explain here If it will help all freelacer.


I am wokring on my pc often I listening to song or watching videos when I have no work on hand.

I think If we will get any notification sound in every new job arrived in our own job feed as well as for invitations. then it will help all freelancer to submit a proposal more quickly.


I think upwok will take a look and think about it.


Thanks and Best Regards





Hi Md. Al Mobin,


Thank you for your suggestion. I'll share this with the team for consideration. 

~ Joanne
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But it's going to be off by default, right? Because if I got a notification sound every time a new job was posted to my Upwork feed, I would probably throw my computer off a rooftop or something within the first 30 minutes.

Job feed is very important for a freelancer who don't have work in hand and who need a new job! 


Freelancer like less job success are waiting for new jobs. but when it's take lots of time to avail a new job in job feed the freelacer is not in the job feed cuase he get some bouring time and looking for music and other tutorial or so.In this regard if the notification sound will play then he/she can go to job feed quickly and can bid for new job.and I think it will help freelancer a lot.


One more thing who don't need the notification sound he/she can turn it off and there should be a system in upwork for on and off the sound.


BTW Thanks for your comment

We all have different processes, so maybe some would find that type of notification helpful. To me, it just scatters someone's attention. When I'm looking for work, I usually check the Upwork feed about once a day, and other sites once every few days. Jumping into the job feed every time a job is posted when most won't be of interest is an efficiency killer.

Thanks for your comment! some freelancers can turn off the notification
sound some freelancers can turn on the sound. I search job feed for minimum
100 time a day. And I think it’s not enough for the work I am doing.Cause I
can’t a get a job every day or week!! Cause in my work category there is
lots of competitors and challenge in this regard I think freelancers like
me need a notification for new job and invitation for quick bid and reply.
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Maybe you could look to see if there are any IFTTT work-arounds you could use. 

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Thank you!
I didn’t understand you !
Could you please give me more information.

Md. Al mobin B wrote:
Thank you!
I didn’t understand you !
Could you please give me more information.

She says that you may find an IFTT recipe. 


For invitations, if you use the Upwork app on your computer or phone, you can already have notifications.

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