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Need To Improve - Part 1

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Piush P Member Since: Apr 29, 2015
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Today, I have researched that why I have 49 jobs calculation instead of 35. Actually, I have hired 49 times by clients but clients can pay me 35 times only, in other hand we can say that 14 jobs are those jobs in which my clients could not pay me any single dollar, and they ended the contracts with saying “The project had cancelled”.



These types of contract, I will refer the name as “Zero Paying End Contract (ZPEC)” for my further references. I would like to point out this issue as front of upWork team, because I believe that I am not a single person who are suffering from this pain. Actual thing is related to JS algorithms and its management policy (If JS is considering ZPEC).


According to my profile I analysed that I got 49 jobs from oDesk in which I worked with 35 only, thats why upWork count my all remaining 14 jobs as an UNSUCCESSFUL contracts because they are related to ZPEC, and the result was my JS is down to 80% (Why upWork forgot that my 35 jobs were very successful with nice feedback and by repeated clients).


I accepted that 2 jobs from these 14 ZPEC related to REFUND action by me, but it was a different story, and I also want for its reimburse in my JS, because I have refunded to my client due to my parents death (one by one within 6 months), I think it is highly unexpected thing which can’t be within our hands. In other hand, I have informed to my clients and handover all the source code (my work), and refunded fully to show my honesty. But it should not be my rewards that I punished by JS system… I can arrange the my client conversation as my proof for these issues.

Well, now I would like to point out the actual thing, as per below explanation:

“Freelancing is the work culture which is totally based upon be-liveness of each other (client-employee). Now a days, it is established into a wide business, so everyone want to keep and maintain a honest work culture anyhow. We should be remember that we are not a god or having a super power which can read the others mind.. right? so it is very obvious thing that we can’t decide before pursuing the job with client in which what our client exactly wants from us and what we can gives them… right?

For e.g client X post a job, and fortunately I have hired. I can understand my client need as my best (else I never hired from a very long list of applicants) and so, I started my work as per our deal. After the few days, my client said that this job or project had cancelled, and stop the work immediately… I can understand the business limitation, and accept such type of bad incident. He ended his job without paying any single dollar (Because I did not take any upfront). But I have wasted my time and also loose the chance for other jobs too…But can’t accept that I will be punish for this type of issue by upWork (Like as reducing the JS).

Suggestion for upWork team:

1. upWork should be improve the JS policy in which ending the any of contract within "ZPEC", should not be count as JS decrement for FREELANCER.

2. upWork should be very strict with those client who are making “ZPEC”, and try to stop these type of work culture. We know that It is a business but why always be punish only worker?

3. upWork should be take the security money from each client before starting the actual contract as 10 - 20% of actual budget or deal (obviously it should be refundable or adjustable purely). I am not saying it would be apply with job posting… but at least if it will be applying with starting of each contract than serious client will be work here.

4. upWork should be consider the highly unexpected reasons from both client and freelancers, like as: blood relative death, serious injury etc for reimburse the overall reputation.

I hope we all are here to making a fair system, and my suggestions can be help in this way…


I think my english and my thought can be poor so I really appreciate for participant to improve this issue.




A upWorker….

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Jean S Member Since: Oct 22, 2007
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Your English is not that bad and I understand what happened to you.


You are right. You should not be punished for this. I've had this happen to me. It's bad enough to lose the job but to lose money and be punished by upWork is just not right.

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Piush P Member Since: Apr 29, 2015
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Thanks for your reply, but really need for its resolution too. Because it is not just only a frustration but also decrement of work enthusiasm too.

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Suzanne N Member Since: Aug 15, 2012
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@Piush P wrote:

Thanks for your reply, but really need for its resolution too. Because it is not just only a frustration but also decrement of work enthusiasm too.

Sadly, you will get lots of comments, but no resolution in the forum to fix you JS. The only way to fix the JS is with the instructions they have set up for how to improve it.


JS is based over 24 months, and private feedback as well as job completed, refunded, not completed.  

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Piush P Member Since: Apr 29, 2015
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I completely agree with your comment but totally disagree with below terms:


1. You said here no resolution in the forum to fix you JS, whereas CS told me that I can float these issue here for more help???

2. You said JS is based on 24 months record, but I have checked lot of profiles which are not more than a year but have JS as 100%???

3. I had completed few jobs after my JS decrement with full 5 stars and with successful ending, even I could not increment in my JS while they are decreasing JS so quickly. How we accept the JS instructions as they are fair???

4. You said JS is depend upon private feedbacks, jobs completed or success, refund etc etc. I think almost upWorker know about such terms and policies, and they are also following instructions regarding JS.... but we cant close our eyes when we know that it can be the weakness of system.


In my case, I do not have any single private feedbacks yet, no any single unsuccessful job, I have refunded 2 times since 3+ years of my oDesk career (Because that time my mother was suffering from cancer and after few months later she gone.. which was highly unexpected cause which should be count as accidentally reason, and other side it was not in our hands. After few months my father also leaved me alone due to my mother death reason, which was really a turning point of my life).


I do not want to share my personal thing but I really want to make a fair system. The refund cause was very straight forward in my case, and it was my honesty but reducing the JS only by 2 times refunding are also a wrong decision when I showed my honesty to my clients... it should not be reward against my honesty where system says please become honest, hard worker bla bla bla ???


I accept that we made the rules for our betterment but we cant avoid the humanity when we are live for each others. I think if you are strict than you should be liner too in case of such type of incident which are not in our hands.


Conclusion: It is very obvious thing that we usually leave the matter on god when we know that we could not do more... I know that my parents death was not a god wish than why my relative says that it was the god wish because we could’t do against the god wish... it is the limitation of our medical science that they could not found any solutions regarding CANCER yet.


Just I would like to explore such types of things in which we can’t accept the weakness of our system when we know that where we are wrong??? The JS is reducing by my 14 those types of jobs in which clients cheat to me and end the contract without paying any single dollar (The reason is job or project is cancelled). I do not want to argue against right things... just want to solution against weakness of our system.







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Suzanne N Member Since: Aug 15, 2012
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I am sorry about your family, but whether you work for yourself or as an employee somewhere if you do not give them some kind of explanation for why you aren't working you are going to lose work.


I am not saying you did not tell your clients, but I am assuming that is what happened. I understand some of what the JS is about doesn't seem fair and I am not arguing with you about that, but when I stated it based on 24 months, I meant that it is based on jobs you have done over a 24 month period. Not before that and for new people they are scored from the time they start.


Which I think that they should have a probationary period as it is not fair to those who have been working for a longer period of time. Just my two cents.


I do not agree with everything on the JS. I was just stating it is based on your work for 24 months, jobs completed, refunds made for whatever reason, and how fast you reply to invites. Also if you completed projects in the time allotted if it was fixed price. As well as long term, and private feedback from the client. We don't get to see private feedback and from my understand if they choose less then 9 for "They would recommend us to a friend" it is not favorable. So no some of the thing with the JS are not fair.


I am not sure if they will change things or we will have to live with what they have set out and deal with it. All one can do is work on improving your JS if you have something that brought it down in the past.

And again I am sorry for your loss. I know things happen that we have no control over and sometimes we can't pick up a phone or get online to tell someone.



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Piush P Member Since: Apr 29, 2015
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First of all thank you very much for your understanding about such fair things. I will continue fight against the weak system, and I hope they will listen one day... It is not only a my problem. I think lot of workers who are suffring form same pain, they will be getting an improve result soon, It will be mine actual rewards.


Thnks again!

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Gajendra D Member Since: Dec 29, 2015
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would trying to be with you in your fight! at my best.