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Need a 100% trusted platform

I am writing this post to highlight one problem.
the problem is trust, between job owner and freelancer.i work as a Linux system admin and cybersecurity field,
when project owner posts a job server related or website-related they do not allow us to access their system, because they scared, they request us to do this job via TeamViewer or anydisk.
well, we don't have any problem working with TeamViewer or anydisk .but for long time work, it's not the right process, or comfortable.
It happens because they can't keep trust in us and they scared.
It's also true I saw some conflicting cases between job owners and freelancers its hardly 1%.
we are verified by video call with our valid gov document and a verified sign in our id, then why we fail to gain trust? upwork should focus on this point.
Is it possible to build a platform like " Synack Red Team" where job owners and freelancers can work with 100% trust? I don't know upwork will consider my point or not, but I wish and hope in future sure upwork will be a 100% faithful platform for job owner and freelancer.


best regards

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