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Need a content writing job

I a new to Upwork, even after sending 12 proposals, I am not getting any offers. Do clients don't consider new freelancers?

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I like your profile. Good luck in your search.

Thanks for your support.

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There are a lot of clients who are willing to hire a new freelancer, remember everyone here was new to the platform at some point in time. When I joined the platform I was also new to the platform. 


The key is to write interesting proposals and at the beginning try to accommodate clients' requests. But remember to follow Upwork Tos, do not work for free, do not pay any kind of fee to get hired, and never agree to get paid outside the Upwork platform. 


Target smaller jobs at the beginning, and aim to get the Raising Talent badge, this badge makes a lot of difference. 


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re: "Need a content writing job"


You don't need a job on Upwork in order to write content.


For most people who love writing, it is an avocation or hobby, and not a job or vocation.

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Hi....My self Laraib and i need writting job plzz help ....👀🥺


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