Need app designed - unsure what skill sets required.

Hi everyone. I'm new to oDesk and have an app I want developed but I'm unsure what skill sets would be required for this concept to transition from idea to reality successfully. I know what I envision from this app, short term and long term, but I don't have a firm grasp on the 'back end' concepts that it would best run on. I also want to make sure that I pitch the job using the right terms, ask for the right person/people and pay a realistic amount for what I want. I would be paying out of my own personal funds so obviously cheaper is better, but I also don't want 'cheap work' as this is an idea/app I'm passionate about making right and having it work now and in the long term so I do not want to pay cheap and get some quick shoddy job done. To get a workable app (I.e the short term needs) it would have the following functions: * Run on PC/laptop/mac * Use tables/data/fields with editing, drop downs, manual entry * Have local and server storage * Be secure/encrypted as far as data entry and storage * Have credit card/paypal etc monthly fee system in place * Have secure personal logins / sessions * Be able to upload and use images that are linked with certain pages containing data/fields (think of a personal profile with user image and data fields with demographics etc). * Ability to translate fields/data/info into charts/graphics for trending/analysis * Incorporate free (i.e google) or premium (paid) advertising into the UI space. Further on down the line (expansion wise) I am thinking: * News/headlines page after login, preferably that has country/user local specific features. * Mobile compatibility with cloud syncing E.g user can login to the app on their iOS/android/windows phone or computer and use the app, with local storage for offline periods and server/cloud storage when internet access is available. * Ability for the app to utilize data/fields and formulate a 'pedigree' (like a family history chart). Possibly export this chart via email/cloud as an image/pdf and or print. * Messaging system between users (not chat) * Geolocation / ability to 'find' other users At this point I'm not sure what platform would work best. Perhaps a web based APP? Although I'm aware the offline storage capacity of this may not be suited to the functions I want. My goal is for this app to be cross platform for at least PC/MAC/LINUX and iOS/Android. Based on this I'm assuming I would need a person or small team who can: Create graphics or develop the UI Code and design the app (web based app designer) I.E "The front end" Code and design the server and database (and a website? if seperate from the web based app?) I.E "The back end" Implement advertising, monthly pay options, security etc. So help?? Is this a one man job? Do I need a group of people to liaise? A small team already equipped for all requirements of app/web design? Anyone have any guidance on whether or not my ideas and functions are even possible? Any help is greatly appreciated!

For a project of this scope, you might want to simply start off with a discovery phase during which you hire a single person to analyze your needs and suggest the best approach for achieving this. I would not jump into hiring a team/single person to build it without this step as it could save you money in the long run and with a smaller investment you would get a better idea of how feasible the project would be and the budget required. Without knowing anything about what your site content is going to be and what you actually are selling, it's hard for me to suggest what might work. But from what you describe, I would suspect that at least part of what you want to do could be achieved with a content management system, rather than need to be coded from scratch.