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Need help for Top Rated badge !!

Hi ,


my states i meet all the requirements for the Top Rated badge , with 100  Job Success score and more than 8k usd for last 3 months . please can you help me understand .


Thank you




Now wait two weeks for the next system update.

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Set your profile to public before anything can happen.

Hi William ,


Sorry for that , its public now .


Thank you

Now wait two weeks for the next system update.

Hi William,

23 days later and still no update ! no badge received even now am 10k+ and client returned so longed contract ! 


any help please .


Thank you


If you 100% sure that you have read and should have received the badge according to the rules, click the above Support link for assistance.

Hi Tarik,


I checked and can confirm that you don't yet meet all the criteria for obtaining the Top Rated badge. You can check this article to learn more about the requirements you need to meet to get the badge. 

~ Luiggi
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