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Need help with a bad client

Hi everyone,

I am struggling to finish a job with a client who is never satisfied. 
We started with a fixed contract of $90. The task was to setup Notion datebase for him. From the initial meting and job description, the task was easy. I estimated it would take max 5hours to complete it. Then he shared a doc outlining the structure. I did as it was said only to get feedback that this is not what he wanted. He wanted something different but that was not written on the doc. 
I did the whole thing again and got same feedback that he didn't want something like this. 
He shared an excel file with a lot of properties to add as column on Notion. No more instructions. I did accordingly. He then sent me a long list of instructions how everything was wrong. 
I spent almost 5 days for 5 hours of work. 
The client is never clear about the instructions beforehand. Once done, he comes up with many more tweaks, changes negative reviews. The job I am doing now is far different than I was agreed to. And he doesn't want to understand that not everything can be done as we want. Each tool has limitations.

I am stressed with this guy. His reviews aren't good either. I should've avoided him at the first place. 
Now, how can I end it without getting a negative feedback. I am on track to become top rated. I am afraid this job will spoil that and that's why I spelt 5 days for this to get it done. 
Please suggest me ways out. 

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Close contract and stop wasting your time.


Hi Imrul, 

See that if the discussion helps and mention the acceptance criteria for his work formally. 

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Refund the client's money if you can't work it out and you don't want bad feedback.

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You could reach out to the client stating something like this, but absolutely do not do any additional changes without being compensated for it. 


Based on your outlined requirements and current contract , our current agreement has been fullfilled. I have provided several changes per your requests and fullfilled your requests to the best of my ability and according to our contract. Any additional changes that are outside of our contract arrangement will need to be discussed and a new contract started.

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Imrul H.,


If you decide to refund all of this client's payment(s) in order to remove his feedback for you, keep in mind that only his public feedback will be removed. We have been told that public feedback has very little impact on your Job Success Score. His private feedback for you will remain and it is that feedback that has the greatest effect on your JSS and your goal to become Top Rated.


Is it worthwhile to return all of your hard-earned money under these conditions? Only you can decide.

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This is why I will not work on fixed-price jobs. You should just be able to end the job and not leave feedback. My understanding is that if you do not leave feedback, his feedback will not post and should not affect your JSS (please correct me if I'm wrong). You can write him a message to let him know that you worked for five days on a five-hour project and it seems that the scope of the job has changed several times. For these reasons, you have to end the contract.



please correct me if I'm wrong

They can still leave the JSS-affecting private feedback, although public feedback will not appear if 0 money paid.


But I agree closing the contract, refunding, and leaving a soft apology might calm the client and stop them from leaving that feeback.



From the moment you agree to a contract with a client on Upwork the client has the ability to leave public and private feedback, regardless who eventually closes the contract and under what circumstances. The client's public feedback will show on the freelancer's profile whether or not the freelancer leaves feedback for the client.


The only way a freelancer can remove any client's public feedback and / or remove the effect of a client's private feedback on the JSS is to use the Top Rated feedback removal perk, if available. 

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