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Need of Tests for Clients

I know, it sounds stupid. But, actually it really needs, while the work is poorly technology based, especially Programming jobs. I had this experience, i had to scrape a large website having >100k entries. So, in the beginning, the crawling went smooth, but, when the website recognized large no of requests, it started to block the crawler. So, had to start crawling with less no of requests at timed intervals. But, the client couldnt seem to understand what is actually happening, he started to blame me. If he know something about websites and their security, it wouldnt have happen. So, i do prefer some tests for the clients, to make sure that they know some basics about the job they have posted. If i was ranting, i am really sorry.

The client is paying you to do the work. They do not need to have any knowledge of technology. They are paying you to have that knowledge. Explaining things to the client in a way they can understand is your job. Then there is the ethical matter of scraping a website that seems to have security measures to prevent scraping ....

I explained to him, but, he doesnt seem to understand it.

Then you need to explain it in a different way, without making any assumptions about what the client should know already. Good communication is a requirement for any job.