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Need recommendations for profile

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Hi , Please have a look on my profile at and guide me the ways to improve it about the hourly rate and other all things. Thank you
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Hi , Anyone please replcy
Here is my opinion when looking at your profile as a client. -You have low test scores in English making me think communication may be a problem. -You left not such great feedback for past clients, making me think you would also leave me bad feedback. Clients like to have good feedback too. - Your feedback is not terrific. Yes, you have some 5 star feedbacks but you have 3 that are bad. I never hire someone with a perfect 5 (I have had too much experience with them being awful and then refunding my money to get rid of my bad feedback)...But... you have 3 relatively poor feedbacks which I find to be too large a percentage of the jobs you have done. If you had 3 bad feedbacks out of 100 jobs that would be acceptable but 3 out of 8 is not great. If you were in my list of contractors I would pass you by. Try to get a better score when you retake your English tests and attempt to get better feedback on any future jobs you may get.