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Need to Improve My profile.

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Areesh I Member Since: Oct 4, 2011
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I need help.

Recently i have noticed that my Job Applications are not showing in applicant list after apply. I discussed this issue with support team and they advice to improve my profile becuse some of my clients were not happy with my work.But if you see my profile, you will not see any thing like this. even one of my client wanted to rehire me for a new project. But he couldnt


Odesk adviced me to apply for the projects i am fit for and get new feedback to rank my profile high again. I have no idea for what projects odesk will consider me as fit as my applications not even showing to the clients.

I am not getting hired for no reason. Well, I need help how can i improve my profile.





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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Areesh, you have 3,522 hours on your profile and a strong portfolio and feedback results.


Maybe your problem is not your portfolio. From what I see, I think it may be possible to improve your portfolio, bu that really is not the problem, and improving it won't help you ge jobs.


I do not work for oDesk, but I think your account was put under review by oDesk's automatic algorithms. If you have not yet contacted customer support and specifically asked: "Is my account under review?"


...then that is the first thing you should do. Your problem may be as simple a that, so check that first. If your account is under review, that would explain why your job applications do not show up at all in candidate list when you apply to jobs.


It is possible that the way you asked your question when you previously contacted customer support confused them and they did not look up your "on review" status.