Need to delete old elance account

My old elance account has been compromised and I would like it deleted.  I would sign in but the Upwork system does not allow me to with the email from my old account. How do I purge that old account please?
Thank you!


It will probably be lost in the mists of time. One thing you need to know about having just about any account on the Internet. They are never, ever terminated. They can be closed but not expunged.

Well it wasn't "lost" soon enough. I received a fraud alert that my number was compromised. Sure enough two days after that alert, I got a call from my very own mobile number on that same mobile number.  Kind of like a horror film. I'm so annoyed but alas, there is zero way to speak to anyone at Upwork. They've clearly made sure of that. So I guess that old account just floats out there being compromised.  Nice customer service. 



Could you please click on my name and send me a private message with your Elance username?

~ Valeria