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Need to give updates to the client on Upwork for the good client relationship.

Maintaining regular updates with your client on Upwork is crucial for building a good client relationship.


Here are some tips on giving updates effectively:


1. Establish Communication Channels:
Agree with the client on the preferred communication method (Upwork messages, email, video calls, etc.).
Clarify how often updates will be provided (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, etc.).

2. Be Proactive:
Don't wait for the client to ask for updates; provide them without prompting.
If there are any delays or challenges, inform the client promptly along with proposed solutions.

3. Structure Your Updates:
Keep updates concise but informative.
Include progress made, milestones achieved, and upcoming tasks.
Highlight any challenges faced and how they are being addressed.

4. Use Professional Language:
Use professional and courteous language in all communications.
Be clear and avoid technical jargon unless the client understands it.


5. Provide Visuals (If Applicable):
For design or development projects, visuals can be more impactful than descriptions.
Share screenshots, mockups, or prototypes to illustrate progress.


6. Share Successes:
Celebrate achievements with the client.
Highlight completed deliverables, successful tests, or positive feedback received.

7. Address Concerns:
If the client has raised any concerns, address them in your updates.
Offer solutions or workarounds to mitigate issues.

8. Regular Progress Reports:
Provide regular progress reports according to the agreed-upon schedule.
Even if there hasn't been significant progress, a brief update shows you are actively working on the project.

9. Be Transparent:
Transparency builds trust. If there are unexpected delays or changes in scope, inform the client promptly.
Explain reasons for delays and how you plan to mitigate them.

10. Invite Feedback:
Encourage the client to provide feedback on your updates.
Ask if there are any specific areas they would like more detail on.


Remember, every client is different, so adjust your updates based on their preferences and the nature of the project. Clear and consistent communication fosters trust and helps build long-lasting client relationships on Upwork.

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