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Need your 2cents on professional ethics and business practices

Okay, first, let me state my situation. I was hired on the pretense that I'm going to make game assets for mobile apps (creating characters, loading screens, icons, animation---whatever was needed). I have been doing these types of mobile game jobs and so I know that some people only need to remake or add things to their game or some want a total overhaul (a reskin). Come 1st day at work, I was already given the task to make several assets based on famous game titles. So I thought, "Oh maybe they're wanting the icon to look like X or the art style should be Y". I was wrong. I was asked to basically STEAL images of that famous game, use the images in the assets, do some editing and BOOM a 'new' app. It doesn't end there. After a few more weeks of working I finally figured out what my client was actually doing: use free information off the internet about a certain game (basically copy+paste information found on Wiki sites and stuff), use the images I made to market the app and make money out of the 'reference' app--- all without even a tiny bit of consideration about possible copyright infringement. My question now is: 1)Is this business practice acceptable? Because as a professional graphic designer, I feel like it is very unethical to just download copyrighted material from Google Images (this was a clear instruction in their company guidelines) and use that to make graphics for the apps being produced. 2) Now that I have figured out how their business is done, I feel like I don't want to be a part of it because it's not aligned with my personal/professional ethics. I just want to quit and I mean drop them like a bad habit. I haven't worked for them yet this week and I'm expected to put in 20 hours a week. I can't bring myself to do what they ask. 3) In lieu of number 2, I'm also worried that I'll be given negative feedback because I don't agree with their practice etc. and all that or oDesk will just suspend my account or whatever weird things oDesk does because I made the client upset. I hope someone would help me on this. What would you do if you were in my situation? I would love to hear opinion from other people before I make a decision.

Im new to Odesk, but as I see it the Client has all the power

If I were you, I would stop worrying about your feedback and just focus on your professional integrity, just follow your gut instinct and dont be so afraid.

I have just completed my first fixed job: web translation at an explotative rate of $200 for 40+hours work. Repeated request to the UK client during the job were ignore and now the client want me to proof read and check that the text has been entered correctly onto the website. Do I feel good? Hell NO! but I completed the job because I worried about my feedback, which is not even guaranteed nor is my payment. All the best to you in your future contracts

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Hi Janurrie,


I am very sorry about this situation. I recommend you contact Customer Support and report the client. It sounds like he is violating oDesk Policies, where it states:


  • Requesting a service that is illegal or violates intellectual property rights, copyrights or the terms of service of another service, product or website is prohibited.


~ Valeria
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