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Negative Points of Proposal Boosting?

Actually What I think is below: 

Also, tell me what you think about this new feature.

1. Unfair advantage: The new feature can give an unfair advantage to freelancers who have more connects to spend on a single job, which may discourage new and less experienced freelancers from applying for jobs.

2. Increased cost: The feature can increase costs for freelancers who want to compete for jobs by requiring them to spend more connects, which can limit their ability to apply for other jobs.

3. Reduced quality: The feature may lead to a reduced quality of proposals if clients prioritize proposals based solely on the number of connects spent, rather than on the quality of the proposal or the freelancer's skills and experience.

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Any client who is fool enough to hire someone based on the connects they spent instead of the quality of their proposal, experience, and samples won't be in business for long.

While that may be true, the new feature could still have a negative impact on less experienced freelancers, limiting their ability to apply for jobs and gain experience.

How, though?

If they choose not to boost, they can still show up in position five on. Very few clients are going to limit themselves to looking at the top four proposals.

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