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Negligence of clients

I think you often see next situatuion:
You apply for a job, but client dont hire nobody so also did not take nobody to an interview

No problems if the client took at least somebody to an interview, but not when he offers job and simply does not check the applications of freelancers

As a result I lose a lot of my connects


I want you to support me, if agreed with me, and this post has come to the management of the upwork and they have changed the policy for clients


Thank you 🙂

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Nobody can (or should) force a client to interview or hire. It is like forcing you to buy or at least try on clothes in a shop when you go in. 


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I don't think your suggestion is bad, but this has been discussed many times, and my bet is that Upwork is not going to change its policy. I believe you may wish to:


1) Avoid applying for projects which the client has a very low hire rate.

2) As you have more and more long-term clients, you should have more-than-enough connects to use.


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