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Never Got My Pay

ave 2 weeks of pay that I have never received.  Spoke to Client and there is nothing showing pending on their end.  I can't in touch with anyone at UPwork and very upset I did all that work and have no money along with no way to speak to someone about remedying this situation.



As a freelancer, I receive payment for my work AUTOMATICALLY.


A client does not need to do anything at all.


So when you say that you have not received two weeks of pay, I assume that you:

a) actually HAVE received your pay, but you did not know where to see it


b) you made a mistake in how you use the Upwork user interface


Neither of these causes or your current problem require you to contact Upwork representatives. You simply need to learn more about Upwork. You can ask any questions you have and receive quick, informative responses right here in the Forum.


For, now, you can help Forum participants troubleshoot your problem by answering these questions:


1. Was this a fixed-price or hourly contract?

2. Do you see this contract listed here: Upwork -> My Jobs -> My Jobs

3. Do you see references to your pay here: Upwork -> Reports -> Overview

It's a shame that Petra's not around to share her flowchart.