Never got client's message, missed out on $200 job.

For some reason Upwork never let me know that a client had sent me a message. I usually get an email and can see the "new" message icon on the site whenever I go on, but this time there was nothing.

A client had messaged me on July 4th, asking whether I can do some more work for him. I didn't get an email and only saw the message today (the 9th) simply because I was scrolling through my old messages, looking to delete some old conversations. There wasn't even an icon to show that there was a new message from this client.

What the hell Upwork!!?? You have now basically cheated me out of what would have been a $150 - $200 job. This is ridiculous.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Arline,


I'm sorry to hear about the problem you experienced with missing your client's message. Could you please confirm if you're possibly using the Upwork mobile app on a mobile device?


I'll ask our team to reach out to you directly and investigate your report further.