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New Bidding System

I just want to say to Upwork that the new bidding system SUCKS! Suddenly, I'm not getting jobs, and I've spent most of my connections. If clients can't keep up with the new bids coming in, you spend all your connections to move to the top of the list for jobs you really want, and I'm wondering if they are missing them. I don't know, not being on that side of things, but I know I'm now spending A LOT more and making less. So please go back to the old system; this one is only helpful for Upworks bank account.

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Bidding really isn't effective (see Placebo Boosts?)A few people on this forum claim to have success with it, but they are also highly rated. Some Clients on this forum have stated that they refuse to hire from a Boosted proposal (see Boosted Proposals Negatively Impacting My Ability to Filter and Vet Freelancers).


So please go back to the old system; this one is only helpful for Upworks bank account.

Well, Upwork has been in the red for the past 2 years at least, so this is critically important. Since they are publicly traded, they have to report their finances to the SEC.  For Q3 2022, the deficit was $24.6 million, even with a revenue of $158.6 million.


Thanks for the links! I'll refrain from boosting my bids from here on out and hope for the best. I think I was on the money about the chaos this creates for Upwork clients. Hopefully, they don't move on to other platforms, Upwork!

I've been with Upwork for a while and do use other platforms. I think Upwork currently has the best fee schedules available for freelancers. But it's like choosing who rips you off least, and I'm just honestly tired of the energy. I'll never be okay with it.

I'm not interested in their finances; I know how big corporations work. I pay a lot of my profits to this platform and others, and ALL earnings ride on the backs of hard-working freelancers.

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