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Hello Upwork ,


I would like to know how can we refer a New Client on Upwork ? such that we  are charged Zero Fee from them ? 

Is there Some referral code for this ? Or what is the process of achieving the same ?


Kindly let me knwo the same.


Anjali Jain



Upwork does not have an affiliate program or referral program.


If you want to refer a new client to Upwork, you can simply tell them about Upwork and they can sign up as a new client.


There IS however a program that allows clients to bring their freelancers. If a freelancer does not already have an account on Upwork, a client can hire a specific freelancer for their project, and that freelancer can be fast-tracked for Upwork access to work on that client's project.


You can read about that here.



I got an email from Upwork awhile back saying they got this Refer-a-Client so Upwork will not cut 10% from my commissions.


I just don't know where that could be found exactly.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Samuel,


If you have an offline client you'd like to bring to Upwork, I can ask our team to review your details and provide you with a direct link if you're accepted into the program. Let me know if you'd like to proceed with this option.


I have a new client and he become to join Upwork. How can i rafer to jion UpWork so client and my work fee will discounted. Please help me if possible 



@Rizwan H wrote:

I have a new client and he become to join Upwork. How can i rafer to jion UpWork so client and my work fee will discounted. Please help me if possible 

 Are you top rated?

Did you get an invitation with a link to give to clients?


If not you're not currently eligible,

Hi sir,


I have client who is offline with me, I want him online with me. can you guide me how to get him online please?


I want to reduce upwork fees for me.






I own a 'top rated company' and i saw a message after i logged in my upwork saying if you have an offline client and you bring it to upwork you will not be charged anything for the work you do with that client for good. The message also said that you will receive an email with a link that you will send to your client to avail the oppertunity but i never received any email. Still wondering how is that gonna work as i current have a client and i don't want to give 20 or 10%. Please help


@Laeeq H wrote:


I own a 'top rated company'


So you do. You are also looking at a suspended profile if you don't fix the various policy violations on your profile really quickly. This would mean losing your top rated status for 3 months,,,,,,,


I'll follow up with the team and we'll make sure you receive the email if you qualify for the promotion.


~ Valeria



I have client who want me to hire here in upwork. Do I have a invitation link to send him?

Hello Nicoforo,


I just made a follow up with our team. They'll reach out to you and assist you with your request as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.